Using the Blackboard 'Self and Peer Assessment' tool with groups

On the CHEP Community TeamDr Poshak Gandhi asked,"My module has 170 students, split into 4 groups of about 42 students each.I want to create an assignment for peer assessment, with each group having a separate submission deadline. 
I don't see the group-wise submission deadline option on the peer assessment page (see attached screenshot).
How do I implement this? Am I missing something? Thanks." Poshak Gandhi: Dear all in General, Question on Groups and Peer Assessments in B… 
posted in CHEP Community / General at Oct 5, 2020 12:59 PM
So, I have spent some time looking into this and here are the results of my testing.

Enable automated captions for Blackboard Collaborate using Google Chrome


How students can create their own groups within Blackboard for work, study, and socialising


Bb Collaborate Workshop Materials

Recently I was asked to do a workshop to introduce a department to Collaborate.  When I asked what they wanted to cover the list kept getting longer and longer.  So rather than spend the time doing live demos I built on some slides that Amy Eyre had shared some time ago, and in the spirit of the community I'm sharing these back.  I also have a few examples for ice-breakers that I used.

The Practical "Bluffer's Guide" to Blackboard Theme Accessibility #BbWorld20


My updated theme for Blackboard 3800.13

As we move to SaaS soon I had to update our theme work to be compatible with the latest SaaS version. So this means I have a nice freshly compiled version to share. I'm also going to be referring to this at a presentation I will give soon at BbWorld20 :)

The previously shared version had been lost in the transfer to the new Blackboard Community Site. This explains why I now back up all new posts to both this blog as well as posting on the community site. 

 A lack of time means that right now I cannot share screenshots of how the new additions to the theme look, but I am providing the source code below so you can experiment with copying and pasting them into Stylus easily, without having to unzip the theme. You can get a good idea of how it all looks by referring to my post: Let me show you my Blackboard.

 Note that the improvement to Review Status required me to apply a separate CSS just for instructors. In Blackboard the review status button has a double purpose when making a tes…